About Us

This Is Little Steps Psychology

We know first-hand that being a parent is a long journey that requires undying patience and dedication.

Maybe your child is constantly being defiant, angry, insecure, or struggling at school. Sometimes life just happens and parents go through a separation or families need to deal with the loss of a loved one. Whatever the situation, we’re here to help.

We’ve helped many families navigate the challenges of building a strong and healthy family. We can help you, too.


How We’re Different

Research has proven the success of a child’s therapy is directly linked to their parent’s involvement. We work very closely with parents from the start.

Parents can be included in the sessions with their child

We make visits fun and engaging for kids – they look forward to coming!

Our rooms are a warm place where kids can play and talk things through

We provide strategies and advice for your child and you to follow at home.

We work closely with your child’s school to provide feedback and advice

Our team of experts are friendly, warm and welcoming to people of all ages

Meet the ‘Feelings Doctors’

Emotions can feel overwhelming for kids. Our team of psychologists offer your family the latest research and clinical knowledge, mixed with a touch of personal care.

Marcela Nolasco

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Roberto Szenczuk

Clinical Psychologist

The Little Steps Story

Little Steps Psychology was founded by Marcela Nolasco in 2017, with a mission to improve her clients’ emotional stability, resilience, personal growth, family relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Marcela started her career in Brasil focusing her clinical practice on trauma work with teenagers and adults. This experience proved to her the importance of intervening early so that people don’t develop unhelpful coping patterns later in life.

After moving to Sydney, and going through a family breakup, she struggled to find the compassionate psychological support her young family needed. Little Steps was created with the intention to fill the gap and ensure other families wouldn’t go through similar experiences.

Our team specialises in multiple areas of child psychology, including ADHD, ASD support, Self Esteem, Depression, Family Separation, Anxiety and Behavioural Issues.