This Is Little Steps Psychology


We are here to help you navigate the adventurous and sometimes bumpy challenges of building a strong and healthy family.

Our clinic specialises in assisting children from 3 to 15 years of age, their parents and siblings.

Our team of elite child and clinical psychologists offers your family the best of research and clinical knowledge mixed with a touch of personal care.

We aim to enrich your life and help you and your family overcome whatever hurdles may bring you to our rooms. 

We can guarantee that our psychologists will act with the utmost care, empathy and professionalism.

Why Little Steps Psychology?

  • Multi-disciplinary approach to child therapy.
  • Close follow up contact with parents and other health professionals. 
  • We take the necessary time to understand your child and your family needs in order to avoid rushing to a diagnosis or pre-made treatment plans.
  • Programs customised for each individual child and parents. No standard handouts or printouts. 
  • Integrative care. Cutting-edge expertise on the best way to support children during different growth stages.
  • Team-based approach. We work together with your local doctors, school counsellors, psychiatrists and other health care practitioners.